Why uPVC

  • Sound Insulation

    The unique air chamber seals (aka double gaskets) between the glass panes prevent sound waves from penetrating through. Less noise means better sleep. Better sleep gives better days. Better days mean happier lives.

  • Energy Saving / Heat Insulation

    Because of its physical properties, uPVC disperses heat before it enters your home. This means lower air conditioning bills, lower electricity bills, more savings!

  • Security

    Doors are reinforced with galvanized steel running through the frame and German-made multi-point locks and latches. Since 1989, we have thwarted 5 attempted break-ins into our customer's homes with these systems. It doesn't get safer than this.

  • Durability

    With uPVC’s superior properties, your windows will always perform at its peak and still look as good as new even after many years. Top grade materials will stand the test of time, saving you the hassle of replacing them.

  • Water Tight

    A window’s main function is to keep the rain out. We decided to go one step further. Our windows are fusion welded at the corners with no gaps, ensuring maximum water-tightness. Clean cut drainage holes keep any water from entering your home. No more flooding, ever!

  • Maintenance Free

    The only maintenance they really tend to need is a wipe down with a damp cloth once every couple of years or so. Plus they don’t discolour even after tens of years. Your windows practically take care of themselves. Finally, a solution that needs no replacing!