What you need to know: Soundproofing Benefits on your Nursery Room

May 12, 2021

Soundproof Doors
Soundproofing Window for Nursery Room

Soundproof Doors and Soundproof Windows, Why add to Your Nursery Room?

Soundproofing the nursery is a brilliant concept that will help you avoid unwanted sleep disruptions. With less noise, not only will your baby sleep better, but you will too!

Fortunately, the benefits of soundproofing the nursery doesn’t have to cost a lot or actually require a costly structural redesign. The necessary materials can be purchased for a reasonable price and should be convenient to fit your needs.

But, what do you need to know for a Better Night’s Sleep for You and your Baby? To have your baby’s nursery in order, follow the steps below:


Soundproofing your Windows

External noise can easily travel in any windows and interrupt your baby’s sleep; whether it’s from a barking dog, a busy road, or a neighbour’s house party.

Soundproof Windows at Nursery Room - Sapphire Windows

Double glazed and acoustic laminated glass provide significant sound insulation. Acoustic laminated glass has a special acoustic film that reduces vibrations passing through it, while double glazed glass has an air space in the centre; which improves soundproofing and heat retention as opposed to single glazed windows.

An additional option you may consider would be a well-insulated glass, like low-emissivity option (Low-E glass); that can help you with properly regulating the temperature in the nursery. This coating can be used in combination with double glazed or laminated glass.


Soundproofing your Doors

Internal doors seldom do an excellent job of soundproofing as they sound is allowed to escape into gaps around and under the door. Seals around the door are essential in reducing sound transmission, especially if you want to keep out the noise in the nursery from affecting the rest of your home.

Soundproof Doors for Nursery Room - Sapphire Windows

The best option is to have a door with a 4-sided frame. This prevents any sound leakage from the base of the door. The alternative is to use a drop-down seal to close off the bottom of the door frame, however, this is not the most effective solution as it is not a 100% seal.

It is important to also check the quality of the seals. At Sapphire Windows, we use not one but two seals around the door for maximum insulation. This is used in tandem with our multi point locks around the door to tightly compress the door, minimizing the gaps around the frame.

The thickness of the door frame or panel is also contributes to the reduction of sound. In general, the thicker the door, the more sound insulation you will get.

A quick fix-it alternative is to invest in DIY window or door seals that can be applied on both the inner and outer frames of the door. This sponge-like seal helps to reduce the gaps in the frame, which will prevent noise from leaking in. However, this is a short term solution as these seals do not typically last a long time.

If you want to learn more on the Benefits of Soundproof Doors and Windows, be sure to check out this blog post!


Furniture Positioning

Sound is absorbed by any objects or mass. As a rough gauge, the softer and thicker the object, the more sound it will absorb. For example, a closet or chest of drawers (or both) filled with lots of clothes is commonly one of the densest items in most nursery rooms.

If you have a troublesome wall, perhaps one shared with a neighbour from which you frequently hear music; position your wardrobe and drawers against it to help deflect sound and reduce the perceived amount of noise that comes through the wall.

Furniture Design for Soundproof Doors and Windows - Sapphire Windows

If you have a couch or armchair in your nursery, place it against the troublesome wall because the soft fabric can trap sound waves; eliminating echo. Thick curtains can also aid greatly in absorbing ambient sounds.

Using soft fabrics for soundproofing is not technically soundproofing because it does not prevent sound from entering a space. Instead, it absorbs the sound, softens it, and reduces the vibration, which is always enough to keep your baby asleep comfortably.

Another alternative is to use acoustic art panels. Unlike traditional art panels, which are often made of canvas spread over a board, acoustic art panels are tightly filled with compressed foam, which helps absorb sound and minimize echo in your nursery.


White Noise

White noise is one of the most effective methods for putting your baby to sleep in the presence of noise.

It helps by producing generic sounds such as TV static or running water; which serves to blend in sudden noises such as a dog barking or a door closing, encouraging your baby to sleep through it.

White Noise - Soundproofing Benefits by Sapphire Windows

If you’ve read this article and concluded that you don’t want to keep trying all of the solutions listed, white noise is an excellent way to deal with your sound problem.

You don’t even have to waste resources on a white noise machine; you can download apps on your phone that can play white noise for you.

Optionally, you should use a fan; the whirring noise quickly helps them put to sleep while still keeping the room from being humid. If you’re worried that the fan is too loud to hear your baby over the baby monitor, try using a silent fan. Most of these make enough noise to support your baby sleep while not being too loud on the baby monitor.


Is Soundproofing Your Baby’s Nursery Beneficial?

A baby’s probability of sleeping through the night are almost zero. Since new-born babies need to eat every two hours, you should expect them to wake up periodically for feeding times.

Young babies are quite resilient when it comes to sleeping in loud situations; they can sleep through dinner gatherings, TV noises, barking dogs… literally anything.

Baby Sleeping - Sapphire Windows

As their hearing improves and become more responsive to their surroundings, they are more aware and are often more likely to be awakened by sudden noise.

No matter how light or deep your baby sleeps, great soundproofing in the nursery room will provide more comfort and restful sleep for you and your baby. If you’re expecting a child, it’s essential to get the nursery just right.

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