Glass Breakage – Not All Types of Glass are Created The Same

September 10, 2019

Glass Types
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Hello friends,

We at Sapphire Windows decided to do a little experiment to find out which is the strongest glass for your home window. We got a few of the most common types of glass in the market today, put them in a frame, and used a hammer to break them.

It was fun. And we learned something; different glass break in very different patterns.

We started with 6mm float glass (annealed glass) which is the most common type of glass in the market today. The strength is sufficient for a standard-sized window or door. Upon breakage, large shards are created. These shards are very sharp and can cause serious injury.

We have all walked or ran into a glass door before. Just imagine what those shards can do if an unfortunate incident occurs. However, this cost-effective glass keeps it as the most commonly used glass in windows and doors.

Next up, we have 6mm tempered glass. As you can see from the video, it took a lot more effort to break this piece of glass. Tempered glass is 4 times stronger than float glass. As the glass broke, it “cracked” into small pieces. These pieces are unlikely to cause any major injury, apart from some minor superficial scratches/cuts.

Laminated glass is two pieces of float glass bonded together with an inter-layer PVB film. This bonding is done under heat and pressure, and results in the glass not falling out of the frame when it breaks, even if it breaks in many areas. You can see this when we remove the glass from the window.

Laminated glass can be used as a safety glass so that a person will not fall through the door/window if the glass does break.

We have come to the safest and strongest configuration; Tempered laminated glass.  A barrier glass is any piece of glass which is below 1 metre from the floor level. As the glass is first tempered, it is 4 times stronger than regular laminated glass. The lamination process allows it to hold in place even when broken. These two separate qualities enable it to function as the best safety barrier.

Hope you enjoyed the video and post. Till next time!