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Peelable Protective Coatings

Meet the eco-friendly, spray on-peel off liquid protective film designed to protect your project. Able to be applied on any surface or material, say hello to the productive way to protect any material or surface you require.


Protect your project in 3 easy steps. Apply, leave to dry, peel off. There is no need to excessively clean the surface as thin layers of dirt and dust will come off together with HS Protect film when it is peeled. Apply using airless sprayer, brush, roller or by dipping. HS Protect dries in 2 hours depending on thickness and air circulation, but needs up to 24 hours to fully cure. Beneficial for a multitude of industries: Windows and Doors, Glass, Floor, Wood, Automotive, Concrete, Sanitary, Ship building, Construction.
Peelable Protective Coatings

Product - Peelable Protective Coatings

HS Protect has revolutionized the way we protect materials during the construction phase. The ECO-friendly, sprayable, peelable, liquid protective film designed to protect all materials from damage/weathering.
Applied by spray, brush or roller and easily removed by hand. Our coatings are used throughout the world in a multitude of industries and can also be engineered to meet specific customer requirements. Industries include automotive, wood, ship building, sanitary, floors, construction, and windows.