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Movable Glass System

Are all balcony glazing systems the same? Technological differences allow our folding glass system to stand out from the rest. The highly insulated movable glass systems can be applied to both balconies and interiors spaces. The system allows for a clear distinction of two living spaces via a movable clear glass partition that is both a practical and aesthetically-pleasing addition to the house.


Our glazing systems come packed full of safety and practicality features such as:
  1. The specially-designed covered 8-roller system allows all panels to be opened and closed with ease while maintaining minimum friction and noise.
  2. Auto Brake Locks are engineered so that the when the panels reach the parking area, they are locked in place and impossible to fall out of the track.
  3. Anti-corrosion warranty gives you a peace of mind against the effect of weathering on the system.
  4. Hidden water drainage enables the system to collect and drain rainwater effectively and out of plain sight.

Product - Movable Glass System

Are You on the Safe Side?

Sapphire Windows uses world-class systems developed by Deceuninck. Our doors have been designed and developed with security as priority. Multi-point locking mechanisms are employed in all our doors, which greatly increase security. Our doors are multi-chambered, which mean that they have both sound and thermal insulating properties, just like our windows. The multitude of designs we have for doors ensure that there is always a design to suit your needs for your home. Glazing options are available from 6mm to 31mm, with the type of glass also as an option to you. Choose from either single-glazed float glass, double glazed, tempered or laminated glass to suit your needs.

Unnsurpassed Insulation

Engineering tests carried out in Germany have shown that our doors are able to achieve a maximum STC of 40dB (40dB reduction in sound) and a maximum heat transfer coefficient U=1.6w/m2K. Click here to download our product brochures or contact us for more information on how we can provide a more comfortable living environment for you. All product come with our Sapphire Windows Guarantee for a peace of mind.