Handle Styles

We feature European engineered accessories that pass through rigorous tests so that only high performance devices with proven reliability make it to your home.


Door handles take a beating because of their frequent use and handling. Our European-tested hardware has such a great finish, your doors will always be looking and working at their best.

Even better, every door and window has a multi-point locking mechanism built-in, to ensure higher security and greater strength, just for your home.

          Smart Digital Locks

          Many of our own customers endorse this dependable keyless biometric fingerprint door lock system. It’s reliable, looks stylish, and provides solid all-round security. Never fumble with losing your keys again!

          5-factor security:

          1. Fingerprint Scanner
          2. PIN-code Pad
          3. Bluetooth and mobile phone
          4. Handheld remote control
          5. Suction-Claw locks