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Electromechanical Doors

Accessing the future, today. Technology has advanced drastically in recent years, so why shouldn’t our entry methods too? Our top of the line Electromechanical Doors are the solution for the tech savvy modern day owner who will not compromise on prestige and class. Leave your keys behind and gain entry using either just your fingerprint, number pad, remote control or via Bluetooth from your mobile phone. Automatic entry and closing diminishes the inconvenience of day-to-day movement.


Keyless Entry Stores up to 100 fingerprints Number pad Bluetooth Remote Control Suction Claw-locks (automatically seals the door upon closing) Manual override available
Electro Mechanical Doors


The system is a hands-free and keyless option of opening doors, ranging from a fingerscan device, Bluetooth and mobile phone option, PIN-code keypad, or a hand-held remote control. The multi-point locking system ensures that your door remains secure against unwanted entry, as well as sealing it tightly so that elements such as water and haze do not penetrate through. You would need an electrical point nearby to supply electricity to the mechanical system.
This is a feature not found available on any other keyless entry systems, as they only have a one-point lock, as compared to the 5-point “Claw” or bolt locks that we incorporate into our doors.