Watch these 10 bungalows transform from big to beautiful with these super cool windows

September 23, 2019

Watch these 10 bungalows transform from big to beautiful with these super cool windows

There’s a lot to love about windows: Unlike people, they never judge you for staring, they are truthful enough to let you see right through them, and deliver endless style capacity to your home. 

For all intents and purposes, let’s discuss the latter and see how these windows enhanced 10 different houses into beautiful and majestic homes.

1. Create Open Views

Indeed, the right window can contribute a sense of spaciousness, enhance natural light. Lining large panel windows along the periphery of your rooms gives you a chance to look out and enjoy the scenery around. It’s especially effective in places where you have unobstructed views.

Featuring: Open Corner Sliding Windows, Casement Windows

2. Go Minimal on Design, and Big on Style

Sometimes floor to ceiling windows adds a touch of style to your home. Tall vertical frames with minimalistic designs adds a grand look to your home. And if you love symmetry, here also is a bedroom window idea for you.

Featuring: Casement Windows, Lift & Slide Windows

3. Change the Atmosphere

You can create a sense of oneness with your surroundings. The living and dining rooms are common spaces for your family and friends to meet. And these windows act as a portal between modern living and nature, to change up the ambiance a little.

Featuring: Arch Windows, Geogian Windows, Lattice Windows

4. Set Up Partitions

For something a little more interesting, veer away from the classic doors and try a fully stretched sliding or fixed window. You can use glass to create a clear distinction between kitchen and bar, living room and balcony. Interior glass doors go exceptionally well with glossy furniture too!

Featuring: Sliding Windows, Fixed Glass

5. Connect With The Outdoors

Bifold or folding doors allow you to connect to a mini outdoor play area and personal balcony. The difference is that you get a 100% opening as compared to sliding windows. Pick a purpose; to connect or to separate, these folding doors will do the trick.

Featuring: Bifold Doors / Folding Windows, Slide and Fold Doors

6. Mix It Up

If you have a beautiful interior, flaunt it! Add thin frames over the panels to create a more colonial feel to your home. Don’t let too many windows and concern over privacy stop you from beautifying your house. You can always tint the windows or get them frosted for a visually intriguing approach. 

By the way, glass does well in shaking up the look if you have a traditional exterior design like this.

Featuring: Lattice Windows, French Windows

7. Class and Character

The dark wood finish, luxe marble floors, and neutral glass designs throughout ensure a polished whole. With a skylight overhead and barrier glass encircling the upper floors of the atrium, your guests will never feel safer in your home. 

Featuring: Fixed Barrier Glass, French Windows, Sliding Doors

8. Spruce Up Normal Into Special

Even if you have a normal bathroom entrance, a regular opening to your outdoor pool, or if you’d like to replace your wall to let more light in, try using windows for those moments. See how windows can create a different look for a different part of your bungalow.

Featuring: Fixed Windows, French Doors, Sliding Windows, Lift & Slide Windows

9. Safety With Simplicity

From the base, all the way to the top of your bungalow roof, deck it out in windows. People commonly overlook how much of a strong contemporary look this gives. If that’s what you’re looking for, a curtain wall, basic casement windows, and sliding doors will do fine for you.

Featuring: Curtain wall, Casement Windows, Sliding Windows

10. Combining Spaces

Having an annex that extends out, is a perfect opportunity to combine it with your balcony to make it feel even like an extra spacious living room. The glass doors make moving in and out of the house so easy, and the matching windows will have your friends always asking you for more gatherings. 

Featuring: Fixed Glass Windows, Lift & Slide Windows, Sliding Doors

Inspired to make your house look gorgeous? Talk to our window design specialists and let’s make that a reality!