Benefits of Soundproof Doors and Windows

October 14, 2020

Soundproof Doors

Living in urban cities, we are always subjected to a cacophony of noise emitted from traffic, construction and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With so much noise and clutter around us, the value of peace, quiet and comfort becomes a priority.

Soundproof Doors and Windows Singapore - Sapphire

In Singapore, the sound levels outdoors average at 69.4 decibels (dB) throughout the day, and that level has crossed the National Environment Agency’s recommended limit of 67 dB.

Constant exposure to prolonged and excessive noise has been proven to cause a range of health problems such as stress, poor concentration, fatigue from lack of sleep, and more serious issues like hearing loss and cardiovascular diseases.

Our homes should be as serene as possible to promote productivity and limit distractions. An affordable and effective way to limit sound within a room is to install soundproof doors and windows.


Excellent Noise Reduction Capabilities

Soundproof doors and windows are specially designed to reduce sound waves from passing through them. Typically, two to three layers of glass are used with an airspace (double-glazed/triple-glazed glass) or polymer layer (laminated glass) in between that serve to disrupt and absorb sound waves and minimize noise pollution. Double seals are also important to reduce the air gaps that allow sound to pass through. The thickness of the window frame is also generally thicker to minimize any sound vibrations.

Tests have shown that soundproof doors and windows can effectively block up to 90% noise entering your homes. This is equivalent to reducing loud highway traffic noise to that of a quiet room with the soft buzz of an air-conditioning unit.


Maintains Privacy and Confidentiality

Besides reducing noise entering the room, soundproof doors and windows also prevent sound from leaving as well. Any private conversations will be confined to that space and you can be assured that confidential and sensitive client information is kept safe in any meetings that take place at home or in the office.


Customizable Designs

Another benefit of these soundproof features is that they can be customized to meet your needs. They are available in various sizes, colours and shapes and can be made to complement any space without lapsing in performance.

Different glass, materials and designs may be used to attain desired specifications or needs. For example, a casement window is always slightly more sound insulated than a sliding window, so if you require high sound insulation, a thicker casement window is always the better choice.

Quality Soundproof Doors and Windows

Every soundproof door and window from Sapphire Windows are developed to align and fit perfectly to your space. The high accuracy in production eliminates construction errors in the installation process. You can be sure having these features in your home will help you create a peaceful and productive environment that improves the quality of life at home.

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